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I have purchased two of these batteries and have been using them for 3 months. I can honestly say these big batteries are absolutely wonderful. In my solar setup (Charger – EPEVER MPPT 30A, Inverter – Victron 12V 1200VA 1000W) I’m running two in series running part of my home off-grid (PCs, TV, fridge freezer, lights), and the batteries have operated flawlessly. The discharge curve of these batteries is extremely good. From fully charged to approximately 70% discharged the batteries only lose about 1 volt (with a discharge of approx. 10A). Of course, if you put a 600-Watt kettle on the system you will pull the battery voltage lower due to the internal resistance. But for practical purposes, the batteries operate extremely well. Delivery is quick and well packaged.

Ian Dukes

11th July 2022

Good product, arrived on time and does everything it should. No problem recommending both service and goods.

Chris J Finn

20th May 2022

Have 2x100ah was straight swap for 2x130ah lead batteries for my motorhome delivery and customer service is excellent do not be put off by all the hype it is a simple swap from lead battery to lithium

David WInstanley

19th May 2022

I was a bit apprehensive about changing over from lead acid batteries in my boat but decide to do so due to the advantage in weight. I spoke to Cameron and he answered all my queries and put my mind at ease. I ordered 3 of the Arctic 12v 100ah batteries and they are less than half the weight of my previous ones which is a big difference in my boat. They arrived promptly and I had a call from Cameron to ensure they had. He’s kept in touch to check that I’m happy with the batteries. I’m delighted, can’t recommend them highly enough.

Andrew Ritchie

18th May 2022

I must compliment your Organisation for the patient way in which you answered my several questions, and then the swift delivery in two days of a very elegant 100ah Safe Power that is exactly what I needed.

Adam Keen

17th May 2022

We’ve just spent 3 weeks wild camping in Yorkshire with our motorhome using only the 100 ah freedom battery & solar panel to top up the charge. Used the TV for 2 hours each evening, run the whole 12v system e.g heating, water pump & lighting. The Bluetooth smart battery app is so useful for monitoring the condition of the battery.

Mike Abraham

18th May 2022

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