About Us

We’re proud to offer outstanding customer service, whilst providing market-leading products. Meet the team and see why we are the number one place to buy a Lithium Leisure Battery 100ah and more in the UK.

Meet The Team

David Lyu

David is a qualified Lawyer, who is based in Shenzhen. David and Cameron have worked together for many years, including as the final quality controllers of our products.

Cameron Macsween

Cameron has over 35 years’ experience designing and importing a wide range of electronic products from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

David Knight

With many years’ experience in the electronics industry, including supervising teams, David is well versed in providing outstanding customer service.

Lana Macsween

Lana is currently working out of Taiwan, and has been married to Cameron for 11 years. She has previously worked as a co-ordinator in Dongguan, ensuring effective communication between factories and overseas buyers.

Why Choose Us

Product Quality

We have a dedicated quality assurance team in China, who check our batteries and ensure our high standards are maintained.

Customer Support

Most of our products have a 10-year warranty as standard, and our offices in the UK are easily contactable for any issues you may have. 

Additional Products

Freedom Lithium will continue to bring our customers the latest products. Lithium batteries are still in their infancy, we expect prices to drop further, and new products will be brought to market once we have completed our due diligence and evaluation.

Long Term Objectives

Freedom Lithium customer service is second to none, and are the best place to buy a Lithium Leisure Battery 100ah or more in the UK, we will leverage our reputation to gain market share and recruit dealers, whilst ensuring our customers continue to receive the excellent service they are accustomed to. Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like more information.